Dresser with mirror

Parents and furniture makers alike watch videos of dressers tipping over on children, like the one below, with horror. In this case, the toddler’s quick thinking and strong brother lifted the dresser, making escape possible.

Garrett Mirror Support Company has made a simple product in the US for over sixty years that helps stabilize furniture with mirrors attached.

The Garrett Mirror Support does not replace wall attachment straps and other products intended to anchor a piece of furniture to a wall, but our 60-inch or 48-inch heavy-gauge steel mirror supports help stabilize dressers and ensure mirrors do not fall off.

Our mirror supports are made of 18- gauge steel, which is 37% stronger and heavier than the wooden or 20-gauge imports you’ll find with most new furniture.

Our mirror supports are gaining recognition because injuries for children and adults have increased as furniture has been made of lighter, cheaper materials. In addition, nothing we produce is exposed to lead paint.



ASTM Furniture Safety Standards

The ASTM released safety specification for furniture “to reduce injuries and deaths of children from hazards associated with tip over of clothing storage units.” The report uses data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission as well as their own testing.

According to data, most injuries occur with children five-years-old and younger and around 50 pounds.

Call us to learn more about how mirror supports can stabilize your dresser or to place an order.

Click here to go direct to the mirror support product page.


Garrett Mirror Supports come in packs of two with all hardware and easy-to-install instructions. Free Shipping in the US too.


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