A customer contacted us recently for help with restoring his daughter’s bedroom suit manufactured by Lexington Furniture years ago.

He thought the bed was cherry wood and wanted to match that finish as close as possible when replacing the wooden bed rails for the bed.

He expected that his only option was to buy unfinished rails that would need to be stained later at his home.

However, with the help of a few photos we determined that our dark cherry finish wooden bed rail would not be the best match.

Unfinished wooden bed rails are always an option for those able to stain the wood at home or simply not interested in a stain. However, we saved our customer time by suggesting the Medium finish, which closely matches cherry wood.

Our wooden bed rails come in three stain colors and unfinished: light, medium, dark.

We want to help you get the product you need quickly and in good condition.


“Carl, thanks for the quick response , bed rails arrived today as promised and the bed had been assembled with new queen mattress and box spring!”

-John U

Call us anytime for assistance at 336-248-8806.

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