We get a lot of questions regarding what type of wood is used in the manufacture of wooden bed rails.

Often it turns out that what people really care about is the finish color. We’ll explain finish below.

For those who want to know about the wood, a heavy plywood core is utilized.

Then a birch veneer facing is placed on the outside for durability.

Our prices include a pair of bed rails plus all needed hardware and installation instructions.

Wooden bed rail finishes

Garrett wooden bed rails come in three finish colors as well as unfinished. Choosing the right finish is often confusing for customers.

It is almost impossible to match your bed exactly to the stock finishes we provide. If you would like to create an exact match to the wood your bed is made of, we recommend purchasing the unfinished wooden bed rails.

UNFINISHED wooden bed rails come sanded and ready to stain.

Visit your local paint supplier with a good picture of your furniture, they can help you find a wood stain that will match your furniture.

Garrett wooden bed rail finishes come in the following stains:

MEDIUM = Close to oak

LIGHT = Close to pine


DARK = Close to walnut or cherry wood

As always, if you need help, give us a call at 336-248-8806 or send an email.

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