Garrett Center Supports

Today, beds come in all different sizes and heights from floor to base. Sometimes our customers are unsure of the right height for their bedding center support.

To determine the right height, measure from the top of the slat bearer to the floor. That measurement is your proper height for the center support adjustment.

Our Garrett center supports adjust from 6 inches to 15.5 inches. The standard bed height is 7.5 inches, but the height does vary in some cases.

If your bed sits at a height more than 15.5 inches from the slat bearer to the floor, our center support won’t work for you. We recommend contacting us, if you have a bed that needs support over 15.5 inches.

The height for the supports can be anywhere from 7.25 inches to 15 inches tall.  The height would be the measurement from the floor to the inner lip of your side bed rails.


Take a look at the bedframe that holds your mattress. The lip or ledge, if you will, that juts out from the frame to hold your metal or wooden slats is a slat bearer.

Center supports offer ultimate mattress support and replace the need for metal or wood slats that were common in the past. Today, your mattress sits on the slat bearer. The center supports connect to the bed rails.

Inside every Garrett Support box of three center supports you’ll find a detailed installation sheet. You can always call us anytime for help too at 336-248-8806.

Garrett Center Supports come in packs of three only for only $93.90.

The two-leg system provides optimum support for your valuable mattress and a good night’s sleep. With three, two-legged supports, you no longer need wooden or metal slats for a full, queen, or king size bed.

For a twin bed, we recommend the single adjustable leg and wooden slats. See our adjustable leg product page here. Garrett does not sell wooden slats. Go to your local hardware store or lumber mill with the exact measurements for your twin bed and have wooden slats cut to size.

Everything you need to know about Garrett’s Center Support Three-Pack Leg System:

  • Come in packs of three and are made of heavy duty steel
  • Work with full, queen, California king, and king headboard/foot board combinations, not suitable for twin beds
  • Made of 1″ tubular steel, with height adjustment of 7.5 inches to 15.5 inches.
  • All hardware needed to assemble and mount Center Supports with your bed rails is included
  • Any bed rail with a slat bearer attached can utilize our three-pack Center Support system


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