We had a customer recently call in about a creaking bed. She had recently replaced old bed rails with our wooden bed rails and three-leg center support system.   Outside of a few brackets, there are no moving parts for our wooden replacement bed rails.   A three-leg center support was also involved so we

Garrett Center Supports

Today, beds come in all different sizes and heights from floor to base. Sometimes our customers are unsure of the right height for their bedding center support. To determine the right height, measure from the top of the slat bearer to the floor. That measurement is your proper height for the center support adjustment. Our

We get a lot of questions regarding what type of wood is used in the manufacture of wooden bed rails. Often it turns out that what people really care about is the finish color. We’ll explain finish below. For those who want to know about the wood, a heavy plywood core is utilized. Then a

A customer contacted us recently for help with restoring his daughter’s bedroom suit manufactured by Lexington Furniture years ago. He thought the bed was cherry wood and wanted to match that finish as close as possible when replacing the wooden bed rails for the bed. He expected that his only option was to buy unfinished rails

Dresser with mirror

Parents and furniture makers alike watch videos of dressers tipping over on children, like the one below, with horror. In this case, the toddler’s quick thinking and strong brother lifted the dresser, making escape possible. Garrett Mirror Support Company has made a simple product in the US for over sixty years that helps stabilize furniture

We often get calls from customers who are confused about whether or not they need bolts or other hardware for their wooden bed rails. Only one in a thousand bed rails will require a bolt. Our wooden bed rails come with the hooks needed to easily install them onto any bed. All of our wooden bed