Serious Luggage Cart for Hostels, Hotels, Resorts, Camps, Families – American Made – Steel Construction

Our steel luggage cart is American made and durable with solid rubber tires and a high-quality finish. Our price is the most competitive you’ll find.


This cart WILL move with ease across curbs, asphalt, and even gravel! The wheels are top quality.


Dimensions: 70 inches wheel to top, 40 inches wide, 11.5 inch clearance wheel to base, 34.5 inch luggage carry platform. Weight: 73 lbs.


The virtually indestructible and competitively priced Luggage Cart is a must for all hotels, hostels, resorts, assisted living centers, camps and even big families. Heavy steel tubing and strong durable wheels with solid rubber tires, make for easy operator and cart longevity.


We’ve been a leading partner to the furniture and bedding industry since 1946. We still make every item in America, honor a limited lifetime guarantee and meet or exceed manufacturer standard.