Thank you for the prompt reply.  We don’t need a perfect match.  I think the light finish will be fine.  I should have sent you pictures to begin with, that’s on me.  I just got caught up with the description of the medium finish, which said “close to oak”.  My apologies.  I should have double-checked with you guys before ordering.  If you need me to pickup the return shipping, I would understand.  My wife won’t be happy, as I’ve already heard her say 3 or 4 times:  “why didn’t you ask me before you ordered this?”  But it’s not the first time I’ve been in the dog house, and won’t be the last.  Just let me know how we need to proceed to get the Medium rails swapped out for the Light rails.  I’ve already got it packed back in the box with original protective wrapping in place just as I received them.  Again, Carl, thank you for all your help in resolving this.  It’s a pleasure working with an American company that offers great customer service.


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