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“ You saved the day with your twin bed rails. My daughter is getting a big girl bed for her 3rd birthday. But I couldn’t find rails to fit the head and foot boards. Yours are perfect and within 30-minutes of receiving them I had them painted with a first coat of paint. They are now a glittery pale blue and match the rest of the bed perfectly! -J. Grisby ”

You saved the day with your twin bed rails

“ We had a 40 year old solid wood Ethan Allen bed that was unusable because the side rails were damaged beyond repair.  A new mattress & foundation purchase required center support anyway, so we bought a metal replacement frame from the mattress retailer that purportedly would hook into the Ethan Allen head and foot boards, but left the whole bed wobbly and squeaky.   After suffering with it for four years, we found the perfect replacement from Garrett.  Their replacement wood rails with center support fit the old EA bed perfectly–strong, secure and straight.  We’re so happy, we decided to have the EA set professionally refinished and now the bedroom set is like new.  Thank you Garrett!!! Highly recommended. -B Duncan ”

We had a 40 year old solid wood Ethan Allen bed

“ My son purchased a pair of queen size bed rails from your company.  I installed the rails this morning and am “VERY” impressed with the high quality and ease of installation. “Well done Garrett!!” K.H. ”

Well Done Garrett!!!

“ Wanted to thank you for the timely response to my phone call last week. I had ordered mirror brackets/supports and was unable to separate the initial order. Spoke to a representative who was able to forward a second set of brackets – which worked great. Thank you for taking care of this issue – very impressed by the quality of the brackets and level of service received. -M. Crowe ”

Thank you for taking care of this issue

“ Thank you for extending the life of my bed by supplying the replacement metal slats!  I liked you on Facebook! -Julia P. ”

Thank you for extending the life of my bed!

“ What clever packaging!  You can see the pride your company has in its products.  Can’t wait to see my new mirror. Thank you, Carole S. ”

What Clever Packaging!

“ Thank you for the update.  This experience has been awesome, good website details, easy order and pay options. Thank you for your quick response. Have a great day M. Pearson ”

This experience has been awesome

“ We received this emergency request for bed rails needed in TX on a Friday before Labor Day: Garrett Supports, How long does it take to get a shipment from your warehouse to Kaufman, TX? We have to move my father suddenly after a fall to a memory care facility. I am sanding and restaining the bed he and my mom had when they first married. The bed is early American color. I just need the rails and support quickly. Your products appear to be quality products. He is moving in Saturday, September 8th Thank you in advance. Carl: We can ship on Monday .Not sure how long but I expect three days. TX Customer: Oh wow you are awesome.  Thank you for the quick response.  I will place my order online. Thanks again for such a quick response. ”

Emergency bed rail order!

“ Finally got to put the mirror on my MCM dresser, thanks to your supports. They were easy to install and are rock solid. I’m thrilled! I think my bf will be ordering some too. So glad to have found you! -Lynn H. ”

So glad to have found you!

“ Many customers contact us about finish color on wooden bed rails. Here’s a recent example: “I ordered a set of replacement bed rails for my queen sized bed, and they arrived as scheduled. We just installed them this weekend and they fit well; however, I thought that I had ordered a dark wood tone to match our bed, but the rails we received are black.  Could you please check my order and advise what I ordered?” Thank you! A. Chapman “Hello Amy…The current batch of dark bed rails are a bit darker than normal. None will match correctly. We suggest if the finish is important order the unfinished. They are sanded and ready to stain.” Thank You Carl ”

When wooden bed rail finish is important

“ ”

Got them and they are perfect! Thanks so much!

“ Good morning, I received the bed rails Friday and put the bed together that evening. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the whole product. All of the parts were there, everything fit properly, did not have to run to the hardware store for anything.  It was a pleasure working with a quality product instead of most of the crap that is out there today. Thanks again, Rick ”

Pleasure working with a quality product instead of the crap that is out there today

“ Billie S. I purchased that item along with the rails. Really well made and simple to assemble Garrett: Well I am glad. Yes we have that also. You can look on our website and see the way it is made and how to set it up. It is extremely good support under the mattress. Billie S. ok thanks, i will measure and let you know. Besides the size situation, we are extremely pleased with everything, it really is a high quality setup. Do you guys also make the metal support frame? Garrett: The measurements are the size of the box. It has to be a little longer than 82” to get the hooks and cardboard in it. We only keep a few pairs of the 86” in stock and they are in a different place. I wont say it is impossible, but if you measure from one end to the other and not measure the hook, it will tell you if they are 82”. Sometimes I have found that the manufactures shorten the mattress and it is not a true queen size. Just let us know if you measure them and they are more than 82”. Also the 86 only ... ”

How Garrett Makes Customers Happy

“ Thank you, SO MUCH!  Bed slats just arrived by FedEx.  Without them, we would not have been able to set up a nice piece of furniture for visiting grand daughter. Original rails were discarded by mistake, leaving us “up the proverbial creek, without a paddle”.  Finding you folks was a Godsend!  Again, THANK YOU! -Bob F. ”

Finding you folks was a Godsend!

“ Well how about that!  Thanks.  Suggest you update instructions for people like me -Christine I do not think you need inserts. See if the glides will screw into legs. -Carl I am so sorry to bother you again.  I am in process of putting the mattress support together.  I am missing the inserts.  There aren’t any to be found in the bag with the nuts, bolts, retainer clips, and glides.  Can you please send to me. I did stain the bed rails and they look great!! Thanks -Christine ”

Well, how about that!

“ I was pleased with the quick delivery and ease of online ordering with my recent order. Instructions provided were also very easy to follow. With customer service in mind, I did want to make you aware of two issues: (1) two 3/4″ screws were missing and (2) it was necessary to use a wrench to screw one of the glides into the support. I was able to assemble the supports but was disappointed with the inconvenience caused by these two items. Thank you. -M Russell ”

Constructive criticism

“ Carl the side rails arrived in excellent condition and the dark stain is nearly a perfect match. The bed is now reassembled plus the new center supports. Should last a long long time! Thank you! -K. Parsons ”

Side rails arrived in excellent condition

“ I just spoke with you on the phone and you said to send a picture and you would select the finish that would match this best. I understand that it may not be perfect… This is a bunk bed that’s traditional oak finish from the 50’s or 60’s just for reference. Thank you for your quick response.  I appreciate you taking the time. So glad to order from a company here in the US! C. Morelli ”

So glad to order from a company here in the US! 

“ Wow! Garret Mirror replacement bed rails arrived within 3 days of my order and ready to install. Your company was one of the very few that offer unfinished and *finished* rails. I would not have been able to stain or paint the rails, so I needed a set that was close to the cherry wood color of our bedframe. What a lifesaver to be able to find a place that would ship the rails ready to install and within a few days. Many thanks!! -Jenny H. ”

Wow! Garret Mirror replacement bed rails arrived within 3 days of my order and ready to install.

“ I received the two brackets today..thank you very much.  They worked perfectly! Oh I am so happy… I’ve  been trying to find them for 6 months Great customer service! M. Allen ”

Oh I am so happy… I’ve  been trying to find mirror support brackets for 6 months

“ Carl that all sounds terrific and we can’t wait to get them. When I get it together I’ll let you know how we did on the match but we’re gonna love it regardless. Thanks again. -C. Parsons ”

We’re gonna love it regardless

“ Thank you for the prompt reply.  We don’t need a perfect match.  I think the light finish will be fine.  I should have sent you pictures to begin with, that’s on me.  I just got caught up with the description of the medium finish, which said “close to oak”.  My apologies.  I should have double-checked with you guys before ordering.  If you need me to pickup the return shipping, I would understand.  My wife won’t be happy, as I’ve already heard her say 3 or 4 times:  “why didn’t you ask me before you ordered this?”  But it’s not the first time I’ve been in the dog house, and won’t be the last.  Just let me know how we need to proceed to get the Medium rails swapped out for the Light rails.  I’ve already got it packed back in the box with original protective wrapping in place just as I received them.  Again, Carl, thank you for all your help in resolving this.  It’s a pleasure working with an American company that offers great customer service. 0William ”

It’s a pleasure working with an American company that offers great customer service.  

“ Order arrived quickly, packaging was perfect as well as the fit!! Great job guys, thanks so much! T. Blackett ”

Order arrived quickly, packaging was perfect as well as the fit!!

“ So impressed with your speedy delivery, and quality of rails!!! I put them in MYSELF, (hubby assembled the support part). Will def recommend to everyone!!!! Fondly, T. Perez ”

I put the bed rails in MYSELF!

“ Last Monday I called and placed my order for side rails. Our bed broke the night before, mind you the day before our anniversary. Thanksgiving was a week and a half away. We needed our bed fixed sooner than later. I made my order before noon on a Monday. I found the box at our door Thursday of the same week. The color was a good match to our existing bed. We put the bed together and slept on it that Thursday night. You folks were great to work with over the phone. Your speediness was quite appreciated! -C. Marlin ”

Our bed broke the night before!