Frequently Asked Questions

Is your price for one bed rail?

No, we ship in pairs, always.

I have a queen size sleigh bed. Do I need queen/king bed rails?

No.  Sleigh beds are designed to use shorter length twin/full bed rails.

Will your bed rails fit the slot pre-cut into our head and footboard?

Yes. We use a ½ “bed lock,” which is standard in the industry. We find some exceptions. Call us if you are unsure.

Are your bed rails made of solid lumber?

No. Solid lumber will warp over time. Therefore, we use a heavy plywood core and apply a quality veneer over the core for finishing in four options: dark, light, medium, or unfinished.

Will your center support fit my bed?

Our center support is designed to fit all full to king sized beds as well as almost all existing bed rails.

The two-leg center support system does not fit a twin bed. Please use our adjustable single leg for a twin bed.

What is your return policy?

We gladly guarantee all products against defective materials and workmanship. We will replace any defective items within 90 days of order placement date. Minor paint scratches or blemishes may occur during shipment, and these incidents are not covered by our guarantee on defective products.

Please read carefully before selecting light, medium or dark finish for a wooden bed rail. We do not pay for return shipping when the wrong color is ordered.

If the correct item was shipped and it is in good condition, the customer will be required to pay the return shipping on any refund requests. There is also a 25% restocking fee that will be deducted from the refund after the product is received back in good condition. We are a small business and we thank you for your understanding.

How long will a bed rail last?

A bed rail should last as long as you do or much longer.

Bed rails are typically only replaced when lost in a move, broken, or when an upgrade is desired.


Take a look at the bed rail that holds your mattress. The lip or ledge, if you will, that juts out from the frame to hold your metal or wooden slats is a slat bearer.

Center supports offer ultimate mattress support and replace the need for metal or wood slats that were common in the past. Today, your mattress sits on the slat bearer. The center supports connect to the bed rail.