We had a customer recently call in about a creaking bed. She had recently replaced old bed rails with our wooden bed rails and three-leg center support system.


Outside of a few brackets, there are no moving parts for our wooden replacement bed rails.


A three-leg center support was also involved so we had her check to ensure all pieces were in place. We sent the customer, free of charge, a set of bed rail shims as a possible trouble-shoot fix.


Bed Rail Shims are metal slotted pieces designed for use with hook-on bed rails and bed frames.
The shim slips over the bed rail hooks to wedge between rail and foot board or headboard for the purpose of tightening loose rails. The bed should then be connected back together.


Shims are great for wooden beds because they can prevent some of the damaged caused to hooks when beds move too much.


Our customer still had issues with a noisy bed. Customer service is number one with Garrett Supports. We received the products back and fully refunded the order.



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