We purchased a queen sized four poster rice bed in dark mahogany.  Unfortunately, it came with a metal frame for the mattress and box spring which was the wrong type of frame and the bed racked in all directions plus the head and footboard vertical position mimicked the leaning Tower of Pisa.  After reviewing several sites we decided on Garrett Supports.  I called them and spoke with a gentleman named Carl and I am glad I did. He took the time to inform me about their bed rails and after speaking with him we placed an order for the pair.

They arrived via UPS about a week later.  We hauled the rice bed out of storage and set it up.  What a pleasure it was to see that bed standing strong and tall without racking whatsoever and our Tower of Pisa was gone and she stood plumb line straight as it was meant to be.

I cannot say enough positive things about Garrett Supports, their customer service and the quality of their products. As an aside comment, the stain and finish matched our bed perfectly.  Carl was not only informative, but kind and courteous.  By the time we finished our conversation I felt like one of the family.

I will not hesitate to recommend doing business with the fine company of Garrett Supports or their sister company Acme Metal Products (http://www.acmemetalproducts.com/).

Respectfully submitted.

M. Broxton


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